LVoe Letter #10: Mike LVoes LV!

LVoe Letter #6: Mike LVoes LV!

So far, this LVoe Letter is in my top 10 list of favorites. I dunno why but I just love it. Its from Mike from New Jersey, USA featuring his Monogram Evasion with a hotstamped ID tag. I think it’s a really good bag for traveling or going to the gym coz its very spacious and has a shoe compartment which is very efficient. Thanks so much for the LVoe Letter, Mike! I really appreciate it… I LVoe you more!

Anyway, I’ve received tons of LVoe Letters this past few weeks and I’m so sorry if I can’t post them immediately. But I do promise you (everyone who’ve sent in) that your photos would definitely be published. Patience = sexiness! Haha.. So if you want to send in some LVoe, follow these simple steps.


  • 00o00

    that’s a nice bag, not seen the evasion before!