LVoe Letter #6: Nathan LVoes LV!

LVoe Letter #6: Nathan LVoes LV!

Whew, I’m sort of tired with designing I LVOE LV’s merchandise and this photo really made my day! Thanks to Nathan of California for sending me this LVoe Letter! You rock too!

Send in your LVoe Letters by following these simple instructions! Anyway, if you were able to purchase the new bags such as the Halo and Comete, I would love to see it! 😀



  • Nathan

    No YOU Rock Bengt! Thanks so much! Love your blog so much!

  • freshmess

    Nice bag, Nate! Interesting to see your handwriting, too. 🙂

  • peach

    Good day!
    May I ask if do you any idea on how to removed white spots on epi leather.Im planning to buy a preloved st jacques epi leather in green but thwre are white spots on it.This is maybe sue feom alcohol or something.