LVoe Letter #7: Dayna LVoes LV!

LVoe Letter #7: Dayna LVoes LV!

Dayna is one of the coolest people I know, she’s from North Carolina, USA and really did un superbe job with the LVoe Letter she sent me! I really appreciate it! It’s actually the second artsy craftsy photo I’ve recieved (I’ll be posting the other one next week), and I’m so impressed! Dayna’s 10-year old daughter even helped in making it! Thanks so much for your creative efforts, I love it with all my heart! I really love looking at her Brown Watercolor Speedy 35, it’s just so yummy and the vachetta is so magnifique et céleste! French is spilling out of me! And her Vernis Violette family looks oh so delish! More photos after the jump:

LVoe Letter #7: Dayna LVoes LV!

They call this the “Bengt Art”, now that’s cool! I love the details, the stickers, and the flowers and stuff!

LVoe Letter #7: Dayna LVoes LV!

Awww, sweetest to the maximum!

I’m so speechless! They’ve given so much effort in making the “Bengt art” and a million hugs and kissed are not enough! Oooh, I feel so loved, thanks so much Dayna! I LVoe you more and your sweet daughter too!

I know that you want to send in your LVoe Letters like Dayna, so just follow these simple instructions! TIA!

Image via Louis Vuitton



  • Dayna

    You're pretty cool yourself, Bengt! <3

  • Bengt

    Thanks much Dayna!! xoxo!