LVoe Letter #8: Chiyel LVoes LV!

I’m just so happy! Yesterday, the newest member of our family arrived! Well, not actually arrived, I brought ‘her’ home from my Aunt’s house and she’s a super cute and adorable baby dog! We named her Sasha, after the fierce and fabulous Russian supermodel, Sasha Pivovarova.

I took my not-that-good camera phone and decided to take a photo of Sasha with my little sister Chiyel. So after minutes of negotiations and bribery, I was able to convince Chiyel to pose for the camera. She’s hesitating coz she haven’t bathed yet! Haha, she’s gonna kill me if she reads this.. Lol..

LVoe Letter #8: Chiyel LVoes LV!

Aww, Sasha’s the cutest thing in the world!!

Image via Bengt