Mahina XL and L Size Comparison

If you’re wondering what is the size difference between the Mahina XL and Mahina L, this photo from chiripa of tPF will enlighten your hazy minds!

Mahina XL and L Size Comparison

Mahina XL, Mahina L

The L looks like a baby compared to the XL! But as what I’ve said before, they look totally the same. So, watcha think?!

Image via chiripa

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  • pattie

    The L is definitely the perfect size for me.. But I’d just try it on first at the store before deciding.. I’m also lusting for the Halo.. 😀

  • Anonymous

    I already have the Mahina XL and I want to have the L!! I’m in a really big trouble! :0

  • Anonymous

    i bought mahina gris L, at first i wanted to buy the XL coz it’s larger (i’m a student) but my mum said it looked like trash bag!! hahaha.. well i’m using it a lot as my daily bag, it’s perfect actually..
    in my opinion gris color is the best among others..

  • Bengt

    ^ Congratulations on your Mahina L! Gris is definitely to die for! 😛