My Marc Jacobs Wishlist

I’ve been blogging about Vuitton for more than two months now and you might think that I’m obsessed with the brand. Well, I’m obsessed but not that obsessed obsessed. You know what I mean? Anyway, I do love other labels too! There’s Lanvin (I love the shoes), Dior Homme (pants and jacket heaven), and of course, Marc Jacobs. I know that you know that I’m not yet in the Vuitton-Lanvin-Dior-Jacobs kind of level, I still can’t afford them but there’s this line in Marc Jacobs that’s really fashionable, but relatively more afforable. It’s called the Special Items, duh, groundbreaking! ;p

I think I can afford these items, and I dream of having them! I’m so not good in setting priorities. On my first salary for I LVOE LV (which is coming so soon), I’m planning on saving it until it would reach $600 so that I can buy myself a camera so that I can flare up my passion for photography and start a photo blog that I’ve been dreaming of doing since the Ice Age. But then I’ve thought of buying the “Louis Vuitton: Birth of Modern Luxury” book which is just so immaculate! So I’ve already decided to buy the book but then here comes my lust for the Marc Jacobs Special Items. Gaaah! I’m totally in trouble!

Corduroy Blazer – $185

Marc Jacobs Blazer

Well, I can’t afford this as of now but I’d sure get this blazer if I have the bucks! When I’m wearing this, I’d be pushing up the sleeves Joe Jonas style. I’m so gonna be a rockstar! Haha!

Marc Jacobs Reversible Jacobs Tote – $98

Marc Jacobs Reversible Jacobs Tote

I really do love dark colors such as browns, blacks and grays. And this is bag is so me! It’s reversible too so it’s really versatile! Lovin’ it!

NYU Skin Cancer T-Shirt – $35

Marc Jacobs NYU Skin Cancer T-Shirt

From all the celebs who went naked, my personal fave is this Victoria Beckham tee. I love her pose, the way she covers herself, it’s so Posh! This is what I really want right now. Srsly.

Marc Jacobs Mountain Bandana – $8

Marc Jacobs Mountain Bandana

This is a really controversial piece. Marc was accused of plagiarism coz this scarf from MJ’s collection had the exact same design as the scarf created in the 1950s by Swedish designer Gösta Olofsson. They settled on the issue through monetary compensation. Cool huh?!

Marc Jacobs Condom – $1.50

Marc Jacobs Condom

Marc Jacobs is the only designer I know that sells condoms, kewl! This condom is really special coz it’s available in Cowhide Leather, Canvas, and Satin (lol, just kidding!).. Haha. I’d be buying this for collection purposes only. I’m so defensive! Lol!

Marc Jacobs Documentary DVD – $35
Marc Jacobs Documentary DVD
Actually, I just finished downloading this documentary but when I watched it, it’s in Dutch! I can’t understand a thing! Why is Marc wearing a chicken costume at the beginning?! Urgh, I should have bought a DVD.

That’s all! Sorry for this non-LV related post, I just want to share my wishlist to y’all! And I also apologize for day-dreaming! Haha, I hope my dreams would come true!! 😀

Image via Louis Vuitton

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