WWD Accessories: Monogram Collage Lutèce

WWD Accessories: Monogram Collage Lutece

Again, I’m flipping through the pages of WWD Accessories’ August 4, 2008 issue and I found this at the Table of Contents: a photo of the Monogram Collage Lutèce, the most expensive bag in Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2008-09 collection which costs $8,950. The bag is made from exotic materials such as python leather and lambskin and embossed with ‘LOUIS VUITTON PARIS’ all over it; cutout letters makes up the ‘collage’ part of the bag. Lutèce will only be available upon request with a 50% down payment. But one thing I don’t get is that why is this bag called Monogram Collage? I’ve zoomed in and out and I can’t find any Louis Vuitton monogram symbols. Why not call it Louis Vuitton Paris Collage? Haha, just my suggestion but Monogram Collage is ok anyway.

The bag can now be ordered at your nearest Louis Vuitton boutique. Just be sure to have $4,475 in hand when you visit. Tush!

P.S. Weeks ago, I was able to chat with a Louis Vuitton online advisor and we talked about the Monogram Collage Lutèce, click click click! It’s worth the read!

Image via WWD