Amica Italia October 2008: ‘Masterpiece’ & ‘Avanguardia’

I love looking at editorials before I go to sleep. It makes me dream of something, it makes me inspired. But when I see a Vuitton, you’ll be able see it too! So here’s a snap from Masterpiece, an editorial from Amica Italia’s October 2008 issue photographed by Stefano Moro which features looks that are regarded as modern day fashion masterpieces and of course, Louis Vuitton has it’s representative:

Amica Italia October 2008: 'Masterpiece' & 'Avanguardia'
Aww, look at the silhouette! It’s really fashion forward. More pics after the jump!

Again, from Amica Italia comes these snaps from Avanguardia photographed by Stratis and Beva. Tons of Vuittons in this editorial but I’ll just post full looks coz some are being mixed into other labels so blablapalooza, here they are:

Amica Italia October 2008: 'Masterpiece' & 'Avanguardia'Amica Italia October 2008: 'Masterpiece' & 'Avanguardia'
I adore the curves, the harsh cuts and accentuating curls. But well, that it for now. G’night!

Image via Amica Italia

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