Happy Birthday To Me!

I’m writing this 1 1/2 hours before my birthday so basically I’m still 17 years old but when the time this post would be published and when the clock strikes 12, I’d be 18 and asleep. Urgh, I’m really dreading this day. I don’t want to be 18, I feel so old and cranky. Lolz.. But I’ve thought about this and I’ve realized that there are many perks if I’m 18 and I can have stuff I won’t normally have when I’m still underage but whatever, the truth is that I’m getting older and the next thing I know, I’m ancient!

Happy Birthday To Me!

I’m so excited for my gifts, I really hope I get some but for now, I’ll just mull this over and hopefully I could go to sleep without worrying silly stuff. So, this must be goodbye… goodbye sweet 17 and welcome sweeter 18!


  • casey

    Happy birthday Bengt! You’re not that old… just older.. haha! Keep up!

  • Bengt

    Thanks so much casey! I really appreciate it! 😀

  • Anonymous

    happy b-day!

  • Stella

    Getting old is fun, enjoy the moment. Happy Birthday!

    Much love,

  • Bengt

    Thanks so much guys! 😛

  • thatgurl

    Happy Birthday, Bengt!!! 18 is just the beginning…………… ;D

  • Bengt

    ^ Thank you Dayna! I’d bear that into mind! xoxo!

  • Bernice

    Happy Birthday!!

  • Hoang – Redenkeew

    Happy Birthday my friend !! Enjoy your sweet 18th full of happiness.

  • Bengt

    ^ Thanks Bernice and Hoang, you’re all so sweet! Million hugs and kisses!

  • Anonymous

    What’s this!!???? I lvoe it!! Can I buy it?Tell me something about this!
    And Happy birthday!!!

  • Bengt

    ^ Hi, Thanks so much! Believe it or not, it’s a cake. It’s world’s most expensive cake ever designed by Gregory Paul Soriano. It’s the cake version of the extravagant Patchwork Bag. 😀

  • biancaboo

    Belated Happy Birthday Bengt!

  • Bengt

    ^ Thanks po Tita V! xoxo,

  • freshmess

    Gratulerer med dagen, Bengt! I know with your Norwegian skills, you could figure that out. :p

  • Bengt

    ^ Tusen takk Merk! Eg er flink i å snakke norsk, takket være Google Translator! Haha .. Den vasen var virkelig glad av faktisk!