Look 127

Look 127

I’ve been in an outfit-making hiatus lately because of lack of inspiration, and I’ve forced this outfit out of my guts coz I really need to! But it looks wearable, no?

Coat: Empire Line Coat, Burberry Prorsum – $3,250
Bag: Quilted Frame Stam, Marc Jacobs – $1,500
Shoes: Powder Pump, Louis Vuitton – price unavailable
Wallet: Monogram Etoile Sarah Wallet, Louis Vuitton – $895
Hat: Brown Wide Floppy Brim Hat, Liya Hats – price unavailable
Bag Charm: Pastilles Key Holder, Louis Vuitton – $355
Hair Accessory: Cube Hair Accessory, Louis Vuitton – $275
Hair Accessory: Monogram Inclusion Hair Cubes, Louis Vuitton – $305

Image via Catalogue de Mode

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