Louis Vuitton Igloo Collection

Louis Vuitton Igloo Collection

Louis Vuitton Igloo Collection. Chapka, Scarf, Gloves.

Since I was a kid, I really dream of touching snow. Sounds silly but yeah, I really want to touch snow! I’ve never experienced winter ever… eek this tropical country I’m in. But to those who are living in a place that snows, or is covered with snow, check out Louis Vuitton’s newest, warmest, and chicest Igloo Collection.

This winter wear collection consists of three pieces, a Scarf, a Chapka, and Gloves which are fashioned in eye-catching quilted silk. If you look closely, the quilting pattern is exactly the same as to the Monogram Etoile collection but the Monogram symbols are just smaller in size. The Scarf has cotton wool filling, while the Chapka and the Gloves has luxe rabbit fur lining. All three items features a gold-finished metal plate engraved with the Louis Vuitton signature adding more sparkle and shine to this stunning collection.

Igloo Collection

  • Igloo Scarf – 52″ x 15″, £500 or approx. $870
  • Igloo Chapka – £580 or approx $1000
  • Igloo Gloves – £580 or approx $1000
Louis Vuitton Igloo Collection

Image via Louis Vuitton