Louis Vuitton Saint-Tropez Scarf

Louis Vuitton Saint-Tropez Scarf

We all have our dream vacation spot, it could be in the beaches of The Bahamas, the cold and snowy mountains of Switzerland or at Venice, the city of bridges (which I would love to be in). But there’s this town at the French Riviera that many people would love to visit. The fishing commune of Saint-Tropez known today for its prominent and wealthy guests. This small town is famous for it’s sights, beaches and their port that is now primarily a tourist spot. But if budget is tight for an instant getaway, why not have a scarf?

Louis Vuitton’s Saint-Tropez Square is a 100% serge silk scarf that pays illustrative homage to the small and most famous mideterranean port in the world. It depicts the French Riviera spirit all in one scarf; it’s fashion, travel, luxury and art combined. Saint-Tropez Square comes in four vibrant colors; Violet, Red, Green and Blue, all of which features a discreet hand-written Louis Vuitton signature at it’s bottom right part. Available at Louis Vuitton for $355.

Image via Louis Vuitton

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