Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2009: Review

Yesterday was probably the most exciting yet the most tiring night of my life (and I’m not exaggerating). Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2009 show started 2:30 PM Paris time or exactly 9:30 PM Philippines time. So after days and days of speculation on about what would Marc be throwing out of the Vuitton catwalk, photos started to be released care-of Getty Images and I was sooooo right! And if you’re wondering why i’m right, this prediction would answer your question.

If the Marc Jacobs show in New York featured a very unique collection with American and Victorian influences, Marc’s take on Vuitton showcased an African stimulus. Hardcore exotic tribal chic!

Just few hours after the show, the video was immediately available for viewing via www.louisvuitton.com and I didn’t waste time to watch the spectacle. So the show starts, the first model’s out from the bamboo filled stage and out to the catwalk and my first reaction is that ‘Its so Marc Jacobs S/S 09. Very different from the usual’. And as the show went on, with Blues music in the background, I started to love every piece in the collection. Beads, studs, tassels, glitter, sequins, leopard all in one look, overly accessorized outfits we’re a sight to behold. The colors we’re very warm, I could feel the Sahara came strutting to me. There we’re also these androgynous blazers that seemed to be inspired by the late Yves Saint Laurent. These blazers we’re cut in an unusual way, paired with loose and baggy polka dots pants; a stunning contrast of the stiff sculptural architecture with the light and flowy pantalon.

The shoes we’re really beautiful, I could imagine a witchdoctor using it as a voodoo. Large embellishments with glittery beads and feathers made it look really exotic, a new take on Vuitton’s usual. Next came these really gorgeous metallic dresses and jackets paired with a metallic clutch which is really similar to that of the Limelight Clutch but this time, tassels with wood-like beads were added for the collection’s cohesiveness. And speaking of bags, I was really drawn into that Monogram Denim clutch with the monogram symbols embroidered with beads, very fancy! And also that Monogram bag with it’s flap similar to a seaweed. Brilliant!

There are many fab stuff in this collection but I can’t enumerate them all in this post. So to sum it up, expect a metallic and glittery Spring/Summer next year! I can’t wait to know what bags would be up for production but let’s leave that for speculation.

So in my own words, Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2009 is an absolutely stunning show worthy for wrapping up Paris Fashion Week along with Lanvin and Miu Miu. “Féroce et exotiques collecte rempli avec des perles et des ornements qui sont inspirés par la richesse de la culture de l’Afrique!”

View the collection:

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