LV Initiales Alligator Leather Belt

LV Initiales Alligator Leather Belt

I know I said that the Collage Belt is the most expensive Vuitton belt ever but I’m wrong. So wrong. Its just now that I’ve met the most expensive. Ever. Ever. Ever.

The timeless LV Initiales Alligator Leather Belt comes in rare and precious alligator leather and if fierceness could kill, I could be dead by now. If features a golden buckle bearing the LV initials with 20 mm width giving the belt a very feminine look. The inside lining is made from luxe Nubuck leather and stiched together with the alligator leather using the tone-on-tone technique. Belt comes in two colors, Red and Beige. Available at Louis Vuitton for… (brace yourselves)… $2,020!

Image via Louis Vuitton

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