LVoe Letter #12: Hoang LVoes LV!

Here’s a LVoe Letter i’ve received few weeks back. It’s from Hoang of Vietnam, but he’s currently studying in Singapore. We’re really good acquaintances and he’s really very friendly! I totally love his Monogram Beaubourg with that cute little teddy bear which coincidentally looks almost the same as the one my little sister Chiyel owns.

LVoe Letter #12: Hoang LVoes LV!

Close-up photo after the jump…

LVoe Letter #12: Hoang LVoes LV!

Thanks so much Hoang for these really cute photos! I really appreciate it!

Anyway, to those who want to send in some LVoe (I know you do), just follow these simple instructions!



  • Anonymous

    aww, so sweet! I love the teddy!