New Suhali Colors: Bronze and Chrome

New Suhali Lockit Colors: Bronze and Chrome

Bronze, Chrome

This just in! If the Monogram Mini Lin line has a new color called Platine, Suhali Leather also has its fair share of new color(s). Meet the Bronze and Chrome, the newest additions to the Suhali leather colors. Like the Platine, Bronze and Chrome are also limited for this season only and the items in these new colors costs a little bit more than that of the ones in the permanent line. So discover the Bronze and Chrome after the jump.


New Suhali Colors: Bronze and Chrome

1. Suhali Lockit PM Chrome – $2,820
2. Suhali Lockit MM Chrome – $3,290
3. Suhali Zippy Wallet Chrome – $890
4. Suhali Lockit Clutch Chrome – $1,130


New Suhali Colors: Bronze and Chrome

1. Suhali Lockit PM Bronze – $2,820
2. Suhali Lockit MM Bronze – $3,290
3. Suhali Zippy Wallet Bronze – $890
4. Suhali Lockit Clutch Bronze – $1,130

Image via Louis Vuitton


  • Anonymous

    I bought the Chrome Lockit Clutch and its so pretty! The color is like gunmetal, very subtle! i love it so much

  • Anonymous

    wow, LV has tons of new stuff eh?

  • Shiela

    i really fancy that wallet. the bronze one..

  • PopDiva

    I agree, it has very nice details

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