Sean Connery’s Core Values Ad Campaign Preview

Sean Connery's Core Values Ad Campaign Preview

Spotted! Sean Connery, the original James Bond is the latest celebrity/model for the next Louis Vuitton Core Values Ad Campaign which underlines the fashion house’s travel roots. The campaign was shot by famed photographer (and my personal favorite) Annie Leibovitz on a wooden dock near Sean Connery’s home in the Bahamas and features the Louis Vuitton Monogram Waterproof Keepall.

I’m feeling that this campaign would be different from it’s predecessors coz this one’s got a very summery feel into it. Bright vibrant colors of the sky, sand, and sea are very different from the dark, gloomy, and mysterious Annie Leibovitz trademark. The ad is set to appear in a range of daily newspapers and weekly magazines later this month and just in time for the November release of “Quantum of Solace” the 22nd James Bond film starring Daniel Craig and Olga Kurylenko. Louis Vuitton’s Connery images are slated to run for roughly a year, along with other personalities from the series, including Keith Richards and the duo of Francis Ford Coppola and daughter, Sofia who is also be working with Louis Vuitton for a handbag and shoe collaboration.

The tagline for this campaign would be: “There are journeys that turn into legends. Bahamas Islands. 10:07.” Double-O-7 much?!


  • Anonymous

    wow! it looks really good! i’m so happy!

  • Mitchie

    I agree, very summery indeed! Maybe this would be released next year..

  • Anonymous

    Is this even your pic? Why you have watermarked on it?!?

  • Ella

    Lolz.. Go Bengt! Haha.. I think I know who that ‘anonymous’ is.. I think he’s ‘addicted’… Lol!

    retrogurl from Nitrolicious watermarks her pics and does she own it? Nope! So don’t go b*tchin’ here ‘anonymous’ a.k.a. addicted, you’re not welcome..

    Anyway, I love this ad. Sean Connery’s still hot!

  • Bengt

    Thanks Ella. Let’s just leave this as is. No fighting ok? 😀

  • sweetnina

    Very nice campaign. Well, what do you expect?! It’s Annie Leibovitz.. it’s supposed to be perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  • Anonymous

    Aww, I wish it’s always summer! I love this ad!

  • freshmess

    I like it. Sean still has IT.

  • Anonymous

    I hope I am as sexy as he is when I get to be his age. He looks edible. Sigh.