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Heya! So I’ve been blogging about Louis Vuitton for 6 months now and I can’t believe it! It’s been 6 months but it felt like yesterday. I still remember writing my first post for I LVOE LV! It’s been fun and I’ve enjoyed it a lot! But I thought that it’s time to be self-obsessed. I just started my personal blog! Yeehaw!

Bengt Blog
It’s called Bengt Blog, groundbreaking huh?! It’s the total opposite of I LVOE LV. It has tons of colors and polka dots. And if you’re wondering why polka dots, well, its because I was inspired by my frustration of not being able to snag a piece of Comme des Garcons for H&M. Boohoo..

Anyway, if you’re interested, you could check it out but be warned.. it’s full of silly stuff. 😀

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  • Staci

    Congrats on the new blog! I’ll visit both often!

  • Bengt

    Thanks Staci! 😀

    I’m also very excited with our collaboration! I can’t wait!

  • Al

    Bengt, I love your polka blog! Haha.. Keep up!

  • Bengt

    ^ Yeah, I love my “polka blog” too! But I feel dizzy looking at it! Lolz..

  • freshmess

    Congrats on the new blog!
    I wouldn't cry over missing the CDG-H&M collab. Apart from the plaid suit set, everything else looks so cheap. I still prefer the Viktor & Rolf collab over this.

    Just curious, which item from this collection do you crave for?

  • Bengt

    ^ Hey Mark, its sooooo good to hear from you again! 😀

    I crave for everything polka dots! I like the long-sleeve shirts and polo (polka dots).. I also fancy the cardigan and the peacoat.. Kung meron lang H&M dito sa Davao, 1 week before launch nakapila na ako.. Haha..

    So, did you get the plaid suit?

  • freshmess

    No I didn’t get it. Maybe, who knows? 🙂 Didn’t know you have this thing for dots. :p

  • Bengt

    ^ Yeah, I do have a strange attraction to dots. Lol.. :p

  • freshmess

    Went to H&M today again after reading all the buzz. Hehehe.

    I tried the polka dot polo shirt today, wrong fit for me.

    I also tried the blue polka dot shirt in small. Too long and wide. And that's a small already! But I like it, maybe I should get it na rin, no?

    I also tried the wool coat with the white stitching details. It actually looked cool. Until one of the buttons popped out while buttoning the coat up. Erm…

  • Bengt

    ^ Really.. So the sizes are “weird” huh.. I always experience that.. Maybe because I’m so thin.. I hate being thin, I couldn’t fit into the clothes I want.. Haha..

    But if you could to something with the shirt, then go get it! It’s a once in a blue moon collab..

    And as for the button popping out.. Haha.. Nakaka-turn-off naman.. :p

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