Fatima Siad Wears Vuitton

Remember Fatima Siad from America’s Next Top Model Cycle 10? I loved her back then and I even rooted for her to win but urgh, Whitney “the plus size” Thompson won but whatever, Fatima still has the looks, the ‘size’ and the potential to be on the top. Here’s some pics of Fatima in action; and if fierceness could kill, I’d be dead by now!

Fatima Siad Wears VuittonFur vest, pants, platform pumps. Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2008

Soooo high fashion! More Fatima rocking Louis Vuitton after the jump!

Fatima Siad Wears VuittonTop, pants. Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2008

Fatima Siad Wears VuittonJacket, skirt, platform pumps. Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2009

Fatima Siad Wears VuittonTop, shorts. Louis Vuitton Cruise 2009

Fatima Siad Wears VuittonTop, skirt, pumps. Louis Vuitton Cruise 2009

Honestly, as an aspiring fashion photographer and a fashion magazine collector, these photos are really Vogue-worthy. She’s so gorgeous, her skin’s so beautiful, her face looks edgy, waaaah… I love her to death! I hope she gets major editorials, ads and shows next season! Fatima Siad is currently signed with New York Model Management.

P.S. Here’s some gossip: “In one interview, Fatima stated that she felt that the show was a joke since she thought Claire Unabia, Lauren Utter, Katarzyna Dolinska or Anya Rozova should have won or at least not have been eliminated as early as they were.” I totally agree with Fatima, Whitney’s a JOKE! *peace*

Image via dDaCosta Photography

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  • Anonymous

    stunning photos! she’s so beautiful!

  • amanda

    Fatima is very inspirational. And based on these pics, she’d definitely go far.

  • Staci

    You gotta love Fatima!

  • Anonymous

    I love you Fatima much love to you I am shore that you will go far//love Ayaan

  • Anonymous

    Fatima you are so beauiful and your story touches alot of lives!!!!! You are such a strong woman i wish you the BEST!!!!11

  • Anonymous

    Fatima,Black is beautiful, not a bitch with a capital BBBBBBBBBBBB, its not always about you, dont blame American for your Country's act if you live here

  • Anonymous

    bitch you said dont blame america? bitch if it wasnt for america somalia wouldent be as corrupted as it is, somalians wouldent have weapons to kill each other somalians wouldent need eithopia to come in with the backing of america…bitch u dont know what's going on! ps fatima work's hard and doesnt need anything from america! ps go read what america's done for them

  • Anonymous

    DeAndre DaCosta and Zerina Akers shot this for stylebermuda.com

  • Anonymous

    fatima is a loser…come in whitney!!!

  • Anonymous

    I know right? Look at this loser modeling for a power fashion label Loius Vuitton!!! I wish I was just as much of a loser!

    Dumb assss…

  • Anonymous

    hot mess

  • Lulu

    Hey hey whats up of calling fatima a bitch and loser?? You guys are the ones! Stop acting like a bitchy bitch..im so proud of fatima! And doing for louis vuitton?? Wow thats a major 😀 you go girl! ^^