Louis Vuiton Cruise 2009 Girls: Eve and Cathy

This day is probably my most exciting ever (in terms of checking my mail). I received an info ’bout Madonna’s Spring/Summer 2009 Ad and a pic which turned out to be photoshopped. Then some cute comments, and some more news. But the funnest mail I’ve opened is from Eve. She’s a frequent reader and just got herself the Monogram Scuba Tote and Clutch both in Fuchsia, looks great on her, no?!

Louis Vuiton Cruise 2009 Girls: Eve and Cathy
But that’s not all, Eve’s also bought the Surya XL and gave me a pic with her sister Cathy modeling it. Check her out after the jump…

Louis Vuiton Cruise 2009 Girls: Eve and Cathy
Cathy totally rocked it! Surya definitely went well with her outfit. Nice styling btw!

Eve is kinda doubtful with her Surya XL coz she thinks that its lot of money for a bag that’s made from patent leather. My advice is that it really depends if you like the bag or not. If you love it, and totally looks great on you, then keep it. But if there’s no love, let the Surya go… But I think Eve loves her Surya XL, so keep up and keep rockin’!

P.S. I love your pink highlights Eve! :p

Image via Eve from Maryland, USA



  • Mandy

    Wow, they’re so pretty! Eve, keep the Surya, it’s gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    Finally, chic girls in I LVOE LV!

  • Alfred.G.R.


  • Kimberly

    omg im jealous!