Louis Vuitton Farandole Collection in Beige

Louis Vuitton Farandole Collection in Beige

Farandole Ring was just released yesterday and I loved the color! I wished that the Farandole Bracelet and Hair Clip would also come in Beige then… my wish came true!

The seasonal Farandole Fancy Jewelry Collection consists of three items, a Ring, a Bracelet and a Hair Clip. The latter two were released months ago to complement the Monogramouflage Collection and they come in two colors Khaki and Ivory. And now that the Monogramouflage has been sold out in most stores worldwide, a new color has surfaced in the spirit of the falling Autumn leaves… the Beige (which I truly adore).

  • Farandole Ring (Beige only) – $160
  • Farandole Bracelet (Beige, Khaki, Ivory) – $420
  • Farandole Hair Clip (Beige, Khaki, Ivory) – $290

Image via Louis Vuitton