Madonna at Gucci’s Tatoo Heart Collection Launch

Spotted! Madonna rocking the green ostrich feather dress from Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2009 collection as she attended the dinner to celebrate Gucci’s launch of the Tattoo Heart Collection at New York City’s Plaza Hotel on Wednesday, November 19.

So, she’s starting to wear Vuitton in public events, looks like Madonna’s had a good time shooting the LV’s upcoming ad campaign. Watcha think of her outfit? Yay or nay?

Madonna at Gucci's Tatoo Heart Collection Launch
These photos are also the basis for the fake LV Spring 09 ad campaign that is floating around the internet right now. Check out Madonna’s bottom half after the jump…

Madonna at Gucci's Tatoo Heart Collection Launch
Image via Just Jared



  • Anonymous


  • hanna

    Yay with the shoes, nay with the dress!

  • Dan

    I say “HOT” !

  • thatgurl

    I’m not diggin the dress, but dayum, those shoes are HOTHOTHOT!

  • Anonymous

    WTF? She’s wearing Vuitton at a Gucci event?!

  • Anonymous

    She’s dug up the garden turf and become a Flintstone.