Spot the LV: Am I In Love?

Spot the LV: Am I In Love?
“You can see kisses anywhere in Rome Italy.”

I’ve been photo-hopping at Flicker and I found this uber romantic photo from OutFocus’ photostream. I literally stopped doing everything and just stared at it. I immediately fell in love with this pic. Awww, they’re such a cute couple and guess what, there’s a hidden LV… Yeah, yeah, I know its obvious! She’s carrying the Monogram Neverfull but I’m not sure about the size but the bottom line is that this photo is the perfect combination of love and Louis Vuitton!

*hearts* *hearts* *hearts*

Image via OutFocus @ Flickr



  • Hannah

    aww, its so romantic! i miss my sweetie…

  • Anonymous

    The boy looks effin’ hawt!

  • FbF

    ^^ haha, yeah, he’s cute!

  • ornette

    This is the sweetest pic i’ve seen ever.. but its ruined because of that guy on the left picking his nose.. haha..

  • Bengt

    ^ Lol, you noticed it too! Haha.. I should have cropped him out of the photo but I think he adds flavor to it.. Lolz..