US Vogue December 2008: Glitterati

It’s really cool to see the Louis Vuitton Spring 2009 looks slowly seeping in the circulation. The Glitterati, an editorial from US Vogue’s December 2008 issue features the one look from Spring ’09. The editorial stars Raquel Zimmerman, and photographed by David Sims.

I really love this. It’s a sort of tribal-renaissance combo, Louis Vuitton head-to-foot! “Bling is ancient history. Today’s golden looks aren’t about obnoxious ostentation – they’re about warmth and shine.

US Vogue December 2008: Glitterati
Flash of Genius. Other times, a slash or dash of gold is all you need (especially if you’re heading to, say, a potwork holiday party). Louis Vuitton sequined shoulder-pad sweater ($2,050), maroon shirt with blue-and-metallic pinstripes ($1,025). paperbag-waist denim micromini ($2,050), metallic bracelet, and gold-and-black feather stilettos.

Close-ups after the jump!

US Vogue December 2008: GlitteratiSweater, shirt, skirt. Louis Vuitton

US Vogue December 2008: GlitteratiSandals. Louis Vuitton

Those shoes looks amazing!

Image via US Vogue c/o Luxx @ tfs