V56 Winter 2008: Beyoncé is Back

I just got the news that VMagazine is now offering FREE subscriptions to their digital version which means we could browse the magazine online for free! So cool eh? So I flicked through the latest issue which is V56 Winter 2008 and lo and behold, they featured items from Spring 2009! I snapped a page from the Beyoncé is Back editorial starring Beyoncé a.k.a. sasasa-Sasha Fierce (She and my dog have the same name.. lol) so here it is:

V56 Winter 2008: Beyoncé is Back
I know that the Louis Vuitton bag is not that visible so close-up after the jump!

V56 Winter 2008: Beyoncé is Back
It’s the slouchy, glittery, beaded, tribal bag from Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2009 collection. It looks good no? But I think this won’t be up for production, coz I always observe that bags featured in editorials never make it to the workshops and later on to the shelves. But I’ll keep my hopes high coz this one’s looking hawt, hawt, hawt!

Image via VMagazine Digital



  • Anonymous

    Terron Wood is so hot!

  • bagcraze

    i imagine this bag worn with “sleeker” and more simple chic outfit 🙁