I LVOE LV Exclusive: World’s First Damier Graphite Trunk

I LVOE LV Exclusive: World's First Damier Graphite Trunk

My stint at thePurseForum has been short yet fun and fruitful. I was able to make friends with many nice people from all over the world who (like me), shares the same passion for Louis Vuitton. So after my banishment from the said forum, I was still able to contact my forum friends-among them is LVMode-and continue to share our thoughts about Louis Vuitton, life, Twilight books, unrecieved catalogues and more. *wink*

I will define LVMode as the human form of cool! She’s the nicest person and has got the coolest Vuittons in the world, one great example would be the Richard Prince Yellow Laser-etched Pony Hair Cartoon Firebird, a runway prototype that debuted at Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2008 fashion show and was featured at some of the biggest fashion magazines in the world… it’s the only piece ever made, one-of-a-kind , and she’s got it!

LVMode also got other cool stuff, but the latest and the greatest (as of yet) is the world’s first ever custom made Trunk in Damier Graphite Canvas. The Trunk looks like a vanity kit or cosmetic case but no its not, the Trunk was actually designed to hold remote controls for LVMode’s TV, DVD, and more. She said that she couldn’t think of anything else to get a trunk made for and she wanted to have a Graphite trunk so bad so the Damier Graphite Remote Control Case was born.

I LVOE LV Exclusive: World's First Damier Graphite TrunkLouis Vuitton’s pre-approval sketch.

The Damier Graphite Remote Control Case was assembled at Louis Vuitton’s workshop in Asnières, France and was designed by Jade Hantouche, Special Order Manager at Louis Vuitton Asnières Atelier. The trunk was also mentioned in the August 2008 Quantas Inflight Magazine article called LV Special Orders along with Karl Lagerfeld’s infamous iPod Case, Sofia Coppola’s Sound System Case and more. Read the article below:

I LVOE LV Exclusive: World's First Damier Graphite TrunkClick here to view the article in HQ.

So, after 6 months of waiting, LVMode’s Damier Graphite Remote Control Case was finished. And as part of the Louis Vuitton’s Special Order tradition, the last nail will be hammered into the trunk by the customer but unfortunately, LVMode was unable to go to Asnières to nail the trunk so it was sent straight to her. Also at that time, LVMode’s Sac Louis was getting made so it would have been a double treat for her to go and see both being made, but alas… there’s always next time though.

I LVOE LV Exclusive: World's First Damier Graphite Trunk
I LVOE LV Exclusive: World's First Damier Graphite Trunk
And if you’re wondering how much the trunk costs, LVMode says “It was a much better price then I had expected.” The Damier Graphite Remote Control case currently sits next to the TV, an absolutely witty location.

I LVOE LV Exclusive: World's First Damier Graphite TrunkI would like to thank LVMode for sharing her newest prized possession to us, its a great honor to feature it here in I LVOE LV. LVMode is currently making a website that would feature her collection and I will be posting the link soon when it’s up and running.

Image via I LVOE LV c/o LVMode



  • Anonymous

    OH. MY. GOD. That is amazing!

  • Gemma

    I def want to have one too! But I’m sure its expensive!

  • cindy lee

    I LOVE the trunk! And I love her ring! Bengt, is it also Louis Vuitton?

  • Bengt

    ^ Hi Cindy Lee, yup its Vuitton. Its the LV Fleur Diamond Ring. Its really beautiful…

  • Anonymous

    LVMode, I’m so happy to see your trunk and your hand! Congratulations!

    I missed you so much!

  • lizzie

    Bengt, thanks so much for putting this up. I also wanted to file a Special Order but I dunno what I would use it for..

    Anyway, I really love LVMode’s trunk. The silver hardware perfectly matches the dark graphite canvas. I once want a multicolore trunk, but now, I’ve changed my mind!

    Congrats LVMode!

  • Bengt

    Hi Lizzie, good luck on your Special Order. Just be sure that your order would be in line with travelling coz that’s Vuitton’s #1 rule.

    I also love LVMode’s trunk… it’s to die for!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Seriously, its a case for remote controls! OMG! Thats crazy but whatever, its really beautiful.. Cheers to LVMode! I hope I’m friends with her too!

  • LouisVuittonLove

    If drooling is deadly, I’d be dead by now! *thud*

  • Anonymous

    That is AMAZING! Whoa!

  • kent

    Great article Bengt! And please tell LVMode that I adore her trunk!

  • Bengt

    ^ Thanks Kent. LVMode is reading this post, I’m sure she’s read your comment. 😀

  • Anonymous

    I just died and went to LV heaven! I can hear the angels singing!

    This is the most beautiful piece I’ve ever seen in my life. Bengt, we’re you able to see this trunk in real life?

  • Bengt

    @ Anonymous: I can hear the singing angels too! Lol.. Yeah, its really beautiful. But I have not seen this trunk in real life. I live in a far off land and LVMode also lives in a land from far away. But I’d love to see it personally. I bet it feels so luxurious. 😀

  • smoochie

    Wow, just wow..

  • Anonymous

    LVMode is the Queen of LV!

  • Anonymous


  • Shin

    I like, I like!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Anonymous

    Just like LVModes bags are one of a kind, she too is one of a kind. She has become a fantastic friend to me too. Although we live far from each other I feel we’ve made a very special connection. I hope that 2009 will be the year where I get to meet LVMode and her fabulous connection. Her Graphite trunk is a true inspiaration to me and I hope to follow in her footsteps very soon 😉

    Thanks Bengt for sharing this with us. There is, afterall, life after TpF LOL

    xxx LoVer

  • Bengt

    ^ You’re right LoVer. LVMode is the best! I’m also really thankful that she let me post her trunk here in I LVOE LV. 😀


  • Anonymous

    let me guess: the serial number written inside is…AAS47484.

    am i right?

  • Anonymous

    I miss LVMode so much. She is my fav LV collector of all time! Please tell her that!


  • Anonymous

    Ohh its beautiful.. We miss LvMode!!
    Can’t wait for her to make a website!!
    Thanks for the pics Bengt!
    -SaraDk.. 🙂

  • Bengt

    @ Anonymous: I’ll ask LVMode about the serial number. But how did you know?

    @ bpbtk: Yeah, she’s also my fave collector. She astounds me every time she shares her new purchase. 😀 LVMode is reading this post, I’m sure she’s read your comment.

    @ SaraDk: I can’t wait to see her website too, and most importantly, her collection. I’m always dropping by her site but its still under construction. Let’s just wait ’till it’s ready and I’ll be posting a link when it is.. 😀

  • sandara


  • Anonymous

    beautiful collectors piece….BTW, i didn’t know you were banned from tpf. Can I ask why?
    I hate all their stupid rules. Your site is sooooo much better !!!

    lv love, bengt!!

  • Anonymous

    Is the LV special orders article talking about LVMode in the last paragraph? So LVMode is Aussie? That’s pretty cool for an Aussie to be the 1st to have a Damier Graphite trunk.

  • Bengt

    ^ Yup, the Remote Control Case was mentioned in the article’s last paragraph. Cool, no?! I mean, it’s “only” the first ever custom made Damier Graphite Trunk.. Wow..

  • LVMode

    @ LoVer: xxx, I've seen the sketches of your trunk and it will be tDF and large enough to not only fit remote controls but also the TV, DVD player, etc. Thanks for your kind words.

    @ SaraDk: It's so nice to hear from you and I miss you too. I have been so lazy that my web site hasn't been touched since November. I promise I will get a move on and open it soon.

    @ Gemma, cindy lee, lizzie, kent, LouisVuittonLove, smoochie, Shin , bpbtk
    & sandara: Thank you all so much for all kind words you have left. It's much appreciated. xxx

  • LVMode

    @ Anonymous: Yes, that is the “date code”. Congratulations.

  • lauren

    W-O-W!!! *eyes pop out of sockets*

  • Anonymous

    Her ring stole my attention. Great trunk by the way!

  • Kenzo89

    Oh my Gosh! The trunk and the ring. I can’t wait for LVMode’s website to view her stunning collection. I miss you guys on tPF. 🙁 x

  • The French Fashion Critique aka TFFC

    You are so sweet Bengt, and I agree with everything you’ve said. LVMode is the most fabulous LV collector, and a huge loss to a certain forum 😉 I can’t believe we’re not allowed to discuss her on the Aussie thread – just makes it look like LVMode’s thread wasn’t closed for the right reasons. So many posts have been deleted on the Aussie thread yet the mods couldn’t delete the ones they thought were offensive from LVMode’s thread instead of CLOSING THE WHOLE THING?! I’ve lost count on how many warnings the Aussie thread has received. I think there was ONE on LVMode’s thread.

    Consistency equates to credibility. Unfortunately I can’t wrap that up as a Christmas gift and send it otherwise I would.

    Thank you for your friendship LVMode, thank you for sharing yourself and your passion with us. You are a generous and thoughtful soul. I loved how you replied to everyone on your thread. Your taste is simply amazing (this trunk is the perfect example!) and your success is an inspiration.

    Lots of love x infinity.

  • Bengt

    ^ I TOTALLY AGREE. I can’t add no more.. 😀 Thanks TFFC..

  • freshmess

    LVMode never ceases to amaze us despite her absence from that forum. So glad I was finally able to see this amazing LV piece. Thanks for sharing Bengt and know, LVMode, that we do miss you! 🙂

  • LVMode

    Thanks freshmess, I miss seeing all your posts too. xxx

  • LVMode

    @ Kenzo89: So sorry about my site being so slow to open. I had better get a move on and stop being so lazy.

    @ lauren: my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets too when I first saw the trunk.

  • LVMode

    Thank you so much TFFC, you are a wonderful person and I love you x infinity + 1. Very well said post. xxx

  • TFFC

    Thanks Bengt, please keep visiting us on tpf, you add fun to the place!

    Thanks LVMode, I love you too <3

    PS. please click on the username "The French Fashion Critique aka TFFC" and check out my website :p

  • Kaitryn

    ^ Its not working.. Hmm…

  • LVMode

    It ain’t working for me either Kaitryn but I think it’s just a joke anyway…


    …or…if it’s a petition PLEASE let me be the first to sign it!! 🙂 (I’ll sign it as John)

  • Bengt

    ^ OMG! Haha..

    LOL at the last part..

  • Ria

    I can’t stop looking at this case. Its so beautiful. It makes me want to file a Special Order!

  • LVMode

    I really think you should Ria, trust me, it is worth the long long long wait.

    Bengt: Could you please post the photo I sent you of the interior of my trunk? xxx

  • Bengt

    ^ Yup, sure.. 😀

  • LVMode

    You really are the greatest. Thank you…

  • cass

    Hi LVMode, its really nice to see your comments! I really love your trunk and I just want to ask a question.. Is it heavy (because of the wood and metal hardware)?

    Oh, I just love it! The color is very non-traditional. Its a refreshing take on the Damier and Monogram..

  • LVMode

    Hi cass, it is definitely a little too heavy to carry around shopping etc. Although I would love to take it out and show it off it’s staying put. It beats me how the SATC girls carry their small trunks around as I guess it would be kinda heavy after a while. If you want a trunk to carry I would suggest you try and find a “rigid jewellery case” as it is perfect. I am lucky enough to have the flower hat man version. I would also love to have the panda or onion head as well. A lot of girls, particularly in Japan, carry them as everyday bags.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my I’ve miss LVmode and so upset her post was close. So glad to see her pic in this threat. Love the trunk and can’t wait to see her website.
    LVmode miss you. Is there any possibility to see you back to pf again ?

  • Anonymous