LV Christmas Tree

Ever wondered what a Louis Vuitton collector’s Christmas tree looks like? Here’s LVMode‘s 7-foot, black fiber optic beauty filled with Louis Vuitton Christmas decors such as balls and origami pieces…

LV Christmas Tree
Detailed photos after the jump…

LV Christmas TreeLook at those white monogrammed origami stars! Cute, no?!

LV Christmas TreeHere’s one of the Christmas balls encased in a clear case with the Monogram flowers on it. There’s those origamis too!

LV Christmas TreeIs that boot a Chuck Taylor?! Love it!

LV Christmas TreeAnother shot of the monogram origami decor. Look at the clown peeping out!

LV Christmas TreeHere’s the other encased Christmas ball, now in orange. The color really pops out.

LV Christmas TreeAn array of assorted Christmas decors…

LV Christmas TreeThe Christmas tree in its full sparkling glory…

I love Christmastime coz it feels warm and really happy. I’d like to thank LVMode for letting us have a look at her tree, million xoxos! Check out for I LVOE LV’s exclusive look at LVMode’s Louis Vuitton x Richard Prince Yellow Pony-hair Cartoon Firebird. It’s gonna be good!

Images via I LVOE LV c/o LVMode



  • LVMode

    Ho ho ho…

  • Anonymous

    Such a pretty tree..

  • Bengt

    @ LVMode: Lol, you crack me up.. Haha..

    @ Anonymous: Yeah, it’s really pretty… and really tall! 😀

  • tessa

    I also have those balls (I mean xmas balls)!

  • Anonymous

    Merry christmas everyone!

  • Anonymous

    Wow!! Very nice! Merry Christmas everyone!!

  • Miss LV

    My SA gave me a candle instead of the Christmas balls. But I still like it.

    LVMode, I absolutely adore your collection and now, your Christmas Tree!