Marc Jacobs Naked for Stephen Sprouse

Marc Jacobs Naked for Stephen SprouseGraffiti Marc Jacobs, price unavailable. Graffiti Keepall, approx. $1500. Louis Vuitton

Harper’s Bazaar’s kickoff issue for 2009 would definitely be a bang as Marc Jacobs goes naked for Stephen Sprouse. “Marc Jacobs is in a photo studio in downtown New York, stripped down to a tiny pair of American Apparel underpants while his naked legs are silk-screened with the words LOUIS VUITTON in fuchsia paint. He’s trying to decide if a cigarette would make him feel less self-conscious, in spite of the fact that he’s wearing a nicotine patch — and in spite of his new fabulously healthy and trim physique, decorated with and celebrated by loads of tattoos, including one of Elizabeth Taylor’s visage on his back. The lettering is poppy and familiar. It’s the graffiti done by Stephen Sprouse as part of the duo’s collaboration for the French house eight years ago. This time the graffiti is blindingly bright: glow-in-the-dark.”

Read the full article here in the Harper’s Bazaar article: Marc Jacobs Exposes the Latest It Bag. Or you could get the Harper’s Bazaar January 2009 issue to see the collection in print!

Check out the Louis Vuitton Graffiti and Roses collection.

Image via Harper’s Bazaar



  • Anonymous

    OMG, marc is soooo hot!

  • jett

    eew.. he looks tacky in this one..

  • Rica

    can’t wait for the graffitis.. I already listed myself in the waitlist..

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  • van

    Bengt, post the pics from the Harper’s Bazaar editorial ok? xoxo

  • Bengt

    ^ Yeah, sure I would! 😀

  • JImmy

    I had no idea Marc looked so hot naked, healthy too!
    Actually, these images make me want to marry him, heh!