Preview: World’s First Damier Graphite Trunk

LVMode, a very good friend of mine has just received her super special Special Order straight from Louis Vuitton’s atelier in Asnières, France. It’s the world’s first ever custom made trunk in Damier Graphite Canvas with silvery brass hardware pieces.

Preview: World's First Damier Graphite Trunk
Watch out for the Damier Graphite Trunk’s exclusive feature here in I LVOE LV! It would definitely be drool-inducing!

Image via I LVOE LV c/o LVMode



  • Anonymous

    Dayum, that trunk is AMAZING!

  • cara

    its so beautiful.

  • roddie


  • LVMode

    LOL, thanks for posting it Bengt. WOW!! xxx

  • Yael

    ^ Wow, you’re LVMode! Wow, your trunk is outstanding! I hope I could have something like that!

  • Bengt

    @ Anonymous: Yeah, it sure is!

    @ Cara: I totally agree!

    @ Roddie: I was speechless too when I first saw the pic…

    @ LVMode: Haha, I’m so impatient so I’ve posted it early.. xoxo

    @ Yael: Yeah, she’s LVMode!

    @ LVMode: Hey M, you’ve got a fan!

  • Anonymous

    It’s so pretty! I want I want!

  • LVMode

    Thank you so much Cara, Roddie, Yael & Anonymous.

  • Anonymous

    Stunning! Congratulations LVMode and many more to come 😉 xxx LoVer

  • TFFC

    It’s just beyond words this trunk. I love love love it!