Louis Vuitton SoHo Transforms for Stephen Sprouse

Louis Vuitton SoHo Transforms for Stephen SprouseLouis Vuitton, 116 Greene St, New York, NY, USA

Louis Vuitton’s boutique on SoHo’s Greene Street in New York City will be turned into a “Stephen Sprouse destination” in time for the release of the tribute collection which will be launched in its entirety at the SoHo boutique on January 8, complete worldwide launch will follow on February 2, though the Rose pieces will be available at Louis Vuitton stores worldwide starting January 9. “SoHo is a special place for the entire launch of the Sprouse collection,” said Daniel Lalonde, Louis Vuitton North America president and chief executive officer. “It’s in the primity of where Stephen Sprouse hung out, so we are going to give the entire store a Stephen Sprouse feel. It will have a lot of reminders of Stephen Sprouse. We will be giving it a new identity.”

For the launch of the tribute collection, Louis Vuitton Greene Street store will be wrapped in vinyl with neon graffiti painting all over the facade. The window display will feature a 6-foot neon light installation in Stephen Sprouse’s Rose motif. The store’s interior that is enhanced with black brick wall facing, will also be sprayed with the neon.

As Stephen Sprouse has been part of the Louis Vuitton family by collaborating with Marc Jacobs for Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2001 collection, Vuitton will honor the late artist with three events this Thursday. The night will kick off with cocktails at the Vuitton boutique on Greene Street, with a simultaneous event at nearby Deitch Projects’ Wooster Street Gallery for the opening of the “Rock on Mars” Sprouse retrospective. Afterwards, Louis Vuitton Vuitton and Marc Jacobs will host a bash at the Bowery Ballroom, featuring a performance by Sprouse’s friend Debbie Harry, followed by DJ Jus Ske. The venue is expected to have a Sprouse feel, with a special graffiti-and-neon decor.

“It’s something new from Vuitton to start the year off,” Lalonde said of the collection. “The product, design, and expression are uplifting and rejuvenating. That’s the feel we try to provide for the evening and for the collection.”

Image via shutterberry @ flickr



  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait to see it!

  • Anonymous

    That’s my Louis Vuitton Store ! I can’t wait to check that out.

  • Jess

    Sorry, I think these graffiti prints are UN-original, and incredibly ugly. Anyone else??
    Why re-hash a design from 7 years ago ??
    Can you really see yourself carrying that hideous neon green graffiti speedy during your day?? NOT me !!!

  • Bengt

    @ Anonymous: The store is being Graffiti-fied right now, I’ve posted some pics!

    @ Anonymous: Really?! Wow, could you send in some pics of the store’s facade?

    @ Jess: The Graffiti has been reintroduced as a tribute for Stephen Sprouse who passed away few years ago. I’m personally not that into the Graffiti Speedy because of the size of the Graffiti lettering but I’m really loving the Graffiti Keepall! 😀