LVoe Letter #13: Rizalman LVoes LV!

Malaysian designer extraordinaire Rizalman of Rizalman Ibrahim from Malaysia just came back from London and Paris and bought the Monogram Beaubourg, Vernis Trunks & Bags Key Ring, Monogram Carryall, Damier Pochette Bosphore, and Monogram Zippy Organizer. What a haul! So here’s Rizalman’s precious collection including his earlier pieces:

LVoe Letter #13: Rizalman LVoes LV!click to view larger image.

I could spot a Cabas Antigua, Innsbruck Cabas, Monogram Mini Lin Tanger Initiales Cabas, Monogram Limelight Clutch, Pochette Miroir, etc. Wow! Thanks so much Rizalman for this LVoe Letter! Check out Rizalman’s blog here.

If you guys want yourself, your Louis Vuitton bags, accessories or even your whole collection to be featured here in I LVOE LV, just follow these simple instructions. Next week, the first sender from New Zealand will take the spotlight! Watch out!

Image via Rizalman for I LVOE LV



  • LoVer

    Great collection! I LVOE the Limelight!!! I want the Limelight!!!!


  • LVMode

    Excellent collection. I’m in love with the Innsbruck Cabas.

  • Bengt

    ^ Me too! I love the Innsbruck Cabas and the Tanger!

  • freshmess

    Me three, love the Innsbruck and the Tanger! He has a great blog with awesome travel photos. Thanks for sharing the link Bengt!