LVoe Letter #16: Cheryl Marie Cordeiro LVoes LV!

Whoa! Singapore’s delegate to Miss Universe pageant in 1999, Cheryl Marie Cordeiro loves LV (and Bengt too!). I’m really loving her outfit and white Monogram Multicolore pieces (Keepall and Petite Noé). And I think that ballerina is Vuitton too! She’s so chic, no?

LVoe Letter #16: Cheryl Marie Cordeiro LVoes LV!
In 1999, Cheryl held the title of Miss Singapore Universe and also won the subsidiary title of “Body Beautiful” in the local contest. Then she competed at the international Miss Universe pageant in the same year. Cheryl is also an actress playing the role of Stephanie in the Singaporean sit-com “Brand New Towkay” which aired back in 2002.

Apart from beauty, of course, Cheryl also got brains. In addition to pursuing two separate Masters Degrees in 1999, she was also studying French as a language. In 2000/2001, she graduated with a double Masters Degree. The first degree was a Master of Art in the English Language from the National University of Singapore and the second was a Master of Science in Information Studies from the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore. Right now, Cheryl is pursuing a PhD in the field of linguistics after receiving a Research Funding Scholarship from the Anna Ahrenbergs Fond of the Department of Humanities, Göteborg University.

Cheryl owns a website and a blog which contains a mixture of both cerebral and more light hearted topics ranging from fashion, travel, food, and more! Visit for more about Cheryl!


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  • freshmess

    The MC Keepall is quite the stunner, just like her. 🙂