Poll #9: If LV Collaborates Again, You Want:

Poll #9: If LV Collaborates Again, You Want:

The lines are closed, the votes has been counted and verified. You chose Tanya Ling! To those who are not familiar, Tanya Ling has already collaborated with Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2009 collection to create the painterly watercolor stripes printed on silk twill pieces and also illustrates the collection’s key looks. It would surely be aneclectic, quirky and chic Vuitton collection if this happens.

So second place goes to shoe-master Christian Louboutin, Murakami goes third, and H&M makes it to 4th place. To those 14 people who voted for me, thanks so much, I really appreciate it. It was a really close fight between me and Tanya Ling… LOL! But seriously, I’d really love to work for Louis Vuitton. How about a bag collection for bloggers? LV people, just contact me if you’re interested. ;D

Image via I LVOE LV