Elle Vee: Fragrance by Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton will be releasing its first ever perfume; Elle Vee. Marc Jacobs has commissioned famed perfumer Bertrand Douchaufour to create a scent that will capture the hearts of fashionable travelling women. Elle Vee is classified as a floral-aldehyde. Its top notes include ylang ylang, neroli and aldehydes; its mid notes May rose and jasmine; and its base notes sandalwood, vetiver and vanilla. Elle Vee is set to be released on May 2009 and is estimated to be retailing for $125 to $250 per bottle. Sold exclusively at Louis Vuitton stores worldwide.


UPDATE: This is probably the best prank I’ve ever pulled out from my hat. Try to Google “elle vee louis vuitton” and you’d get almost 6000 search results. And now, days after April Fools, people are still copy-and-pasting my article to their sites making the hoax spread like wildfire. I hope they stop reposting, this is sooooo last April Fools. LOL..

Someone asked me how I made the photo of Elle Vee so realistic. Well, the perfume bottle in the photo is actually from this supplier site: http://www.made-in-china.com. The bottle is called China Crystal Perfume Bottle. Then with the help of Photoshop, I was able to transform it into what we now know as the classic April Fools prank… the Elle Vee perfume. And lastly, the fragrance notes I’ve written for Elle Vee is actually the exact fragrance notes of Chanel No. 5. xxx

Image via Louis Vuitton

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  • Anonymous

    Hahahah.. This is the best prank ever!!!

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  • jenn

    Bengt, you really do make great pranks!

  • Anonymous

    ^ He’s a natural prankster! LOL

  • LVLove

    I almost fell for this one.. Lucky thing I’ve read the Speedy being renamed as fasty… Haha.. Very funny

  • Luxuo

    Yes we do know it was an April Fool, which is why it was posted on April 1st, just like other April fools : )if you did check out our website

    we didnt know it was originally from your site because everyone talked about it.

  • alexia

    I’m italian and I must say that a lot of italian blogs are reposting the news! It’s absolutely funny (also because I write for a fashion blog and it’s good to see our competitors believe in april fools!! :DDD)