Louis Vuitton – Kanye West Sneaker Prices

There are three models in Kanye West’s Men’s Sneaker Collection, they’re the Don’s (presumably named after Kanye West himself, or after his manager Don C), Jasper’s (named after Kanye’s barber), and Mr. Hudson’s (named after the GOOD Music artist and 808 collaborator of the same name).

The prices are as follows:

  • Don’s – $870 – $960
  • Jasper’s – $990 – $1140
  • Mr. Hudson’s – $840

Check out each piece after the jump…

Louis Vuitton Don’s Grey – $870

Louis Vuitton Don’s Red – $870

Louis Vuitton Don’s Black $870

Louis Vuitton Don’s White – $870

Louis Vuitton Don’s Patchwork – $960

Louis Vuitton Jasper’s Black – $990

Lousi Vuitton Jasper’s White – $990

Louis Vuitton Jasper’s Patchwork – $1,140

Image via Louis Vuitton, Nice Kicks


  • payme456

    im gettin the red don’s…jasper’s patchwork and Mr. Hudson’s…and im dead ass TOO

  • Anonymous

    where can i buy a pair of these? somebody? anybody?

  • Bengt

    ^ Hi. These shoes will be released this month, June 2009. You can get them at Louis Vuitton stores.

  • Anonymous

    The Don's will be released first in Mid July the Jaspers will be released towards the end of July with the hudsons released at the end of July..

  • Anonymous

    Man… The Louis Vuitton Patchwork is gonna be impossible to find after they're released! I just hope I can cop a pair before they stop production.

    • I own 2 , and I love them … people hate but what I do I get more Louis Vuitton , Wallets , Backpack, Duffle bag , pretty much everything ” Find me at http://www.facebook.com/LeslyLouba .. I can sell u some .

  • Anonymous

    hope the jasper patchwork is still in paris this sept cause i'm goin there

  • Anonymous

    i saw some for sale on ebay.com.au size 10 us mens!!!! They ship intl…. I'd buy them but im a girl… lol they'd look pretty funny on me!!

  • Anonymous

    i want these so bad hopefully i can pick em up in italy when i go

  • Anonymous

    got lucky and store did an exchange right when i walked in…cop'd white don's in my 6.5 size!!! whooo hoooo

  • Anonymous

    I got the red and the rose dons and I swear they are the best and most comfortable shoes I have ever owned

  • Augustus


    • You

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    • Smart

      Yeah I agree. This Augustus kid is a major faggot, or should I say Aucuntus. Ha.

  • Anonymous

    the Louis Vuitton Jasper's Patchwork……speechless…….gotta have em no matter wat it takes

  • Anonymous


  • Ji young

    i got Louis Vuitton Jasper's White one that one is so good and pretty cool.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I also have the kanye west black and gold bandana i've neva seen it anywhere before also come from louis vuitton in paris , I can photo items all are brand new i'm looking for around £400 to £450 for these very rare item

  • Anonymous

    got it already…yall late!lol

  • Anonymous

    can someone give me 1000 dollars for some jaspers please?

  • Anonymous

    anyone tell me where to get these? are they still available? they don't have it here in singapore and im hoping if someone would purchase it and send it to me

  • Poo Poo Master

    In asian, you can still get them in the department stores, Beijing has them but they're $1400 after converting currency to CAN. I brought one and took it to LV at Holt Renfrew and they were impressed =D

  • Anonymous

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