Louis Vuitton Speedy To Be Renamed As Fasty

The iconic Louis Vuitton Speedy is set to be renamed this coming Fall 2009. Louis Vuitton representatives stated that the classic handbag will be renamed as Fasty as it sounds more appealing to those who needs a perfect bag that would fit their fast-paced lives.

In addition, the name of the sizes will also be replaced with the new ones inspired by the sizes of Starbucks Coffee. The new names are as follows:

Speedy 25 – Fasty Short
Speedy 30 – Fasty Tall
Speedy 35 – Fasty Grande
Speedy 40 – Fasty Venti

The name change will take effect this coming Fall 2009.


Image via I LVOE LV

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  • Anonymous

    april fools?

  • Anonymous

    must be.

  • Anonymous

    yeah it is. lol I WAS REALLY SCARED.

  • Anonymous

    can i have a grande fasty to go please?

  • Anonymous

    i hope this is an april fools..
    because …ughhh
    its a disgusting name