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Louis Vuitton has just updated their website and upgraded the Cagalog section renaming it the Collections. This area of the site has been completely re-done and features new navigation style, animation, and product presentation.

When you click on the Collections, the page is still the same but there are some noticeable changes in the navigation panel on the left side of the page including the arrangement of the ‘Women’ and ‘Men’ Collections, and of course the animation.

Now, looking for a bag has been made more easier as new changes in product presentation has been implemented. For example, from the photo below, Monogram Canvas has been chosen and a ‘shelf’ of bags will appear highlighting the chosen item. if you click ‘Learn more’ you’d be redirected to the Product Page which was the only feature left untouched from the now extinct ‘Catalog’ section.

When you hover your mouse on a Collection, for example the Monogram Vernis, a ‘cover page’ appears and shows a peek of a bag/product in that category, the colors available and the number of products. I think this is a very neat feature.

And if there are no other colors are available, the ‘cover page’ just shows this:

And lastly, the new navigation is also being adapted in the ‘E-shopping’ area of the site but the product presentation is slightly different from the ‘Collections’.

Visit louisvuitton.com to experience the changes yourself!

Images via I LVOE LV, screencapped from louisvuitton.com

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  • Anonymous

    I love the new navigation! Its nice