LVOE Letter #17: Ani LVoes LV!

Congratulations to Ani, first for having her Monogram Roses Neverfull and second, for being the first LVoe Letter sender from Brunei Darussalam! Go Ani, make your country proud! Ani has 2 blogs so be sure to check them out:

I’d like to thank Ani for sharing her photo. Much love.. xoxo.


Its your time to be featured here in I LVOE LV! Just follow these simple instructions.

Image via Ani for I LVOE LV


  • LVMode

    Congratulations Ani, I love your Roses Neverfull so much.

  • Bengt

    Yeah, congrats to Ani!

    LVMode, are you still getting the Graffiti Neverfull?

  • LVMode

    Oh yeah!!

    …and I think it will be a green one. Don’t tell LoVer.

  • Bengt

    Hahaha.. Sure, I won’t tell! LOL..

  • LoVer

    Don't tell LoVer??????? I don't like people talking behind my back!

    I told you before LVMode that you're a traitor for getting the green one.

    BTW Bengt, I <3 your t-shirts. I have already ordered my first one.


  • Bengt


    Thanks for ordering LoVer! I appreciate it! I can’t wait to see you modelling it for LVMode and me! 😀

    LVMode should model her shirt with her Graffiti leggings too! :p


  • LVMode

    @LoVer, Doh!!

    @Bengt, you want me to model my leggings…..hehehehehe

  • LoVer

    I wanna see those leggings too please.

  • Bengt