LVoe Letter #18: Georgina LVoes LV!

Another Texan shows us LVoe! Check out Georgina’s humongous collection. She’s been collecting Louis Vuitton since 2003 and she actually unboxed every piece just for us to be able to see everything. Thank you so much Georgina! Click on the pics to view bigger size.

LVoe Letter #18: Georgina LVoes LV!
From afar, I could see a Monogram Pulp Weekender in Pink, White Lambskin Riveting, Monogram Graffiti Speedy in Fuchsia, Monogram Neverfull, Monogram Mini Lin Manon in Platine, Monogram Manhattan, Monogram Roses Speedy, Monogramouflage Speedy, Monogram Tisse Rayures Tote, Monogram Leopard Polly… etc etc etc…

Detail shots after the jump…

LVoe Letter #18: Georgina LVoes LV!There’s the Suhali Le Talentueux, Mini Lin Manon in Platine, Trunks & Bags Pochette Accessoires, LV Hands Coin Purse, Keepall Agenda, Panda, Monogramouflage Speedy….

LVoe Letter #18: Georgina LVoes LV!Isn’t the Panda adorable?!

LVoe Letter #18: Georgina LVoes LV!Lovin’ the Speedies! The Pulp Weekender is stunning more than ever…

LVoe Letter #18: Georgina LVoes LV!
If you guys want yourself, your Louis Vuitton bags, accessories or even your whole collection to be featured here in I LVOE LV, just follow these simple instructions.

Images via Georgina for I LVOE LV


  • LVMode

    WOW, that is some impressive collection.