April Fools!!

This day has been really fun! To those who are fooled (up until now), the following articles are NOT true and we’re just made up by me for April Fools ’09:

And if you’re wondering why the hell Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up is playing on the background, well you’ve been rickrolled too! LOL

I originally planned on publishing 10 pranks, but I got lazy so here’s the pranks that didn’t make it:

  • Damier Graphite for Women
  • Louis Vuitton Flagship Store To Open at Deception Island, Antartica
  • Annie Leibovitz Stars On The Next Louis Vuitton Journey’s Ad Campaign
  • Hermes x Louis Vuitton Collaboration: Monogram Birkin

I hope everyday is April Fools day. But sadly, pranks ends right now. Back to normal tomorrow. Thanks everyone! Have a happy April Fools!

Image via I LVOE LV, screencapped from Never Gonna Give You Up Music Video