Louis Vuitton Artist Richelieu

Artist Richelieu in Navy

Men’s Spring/Summer 2009 Bags haven’t tickled my fancy, but the shoes did! As seen from the fashion show, the Artist Richelieu in Calf Leather is strikingly refined and elegant. It has a long and slender lace-up in richly waxed patined calf leather and comes with a detachable rubber strap accent which is originally used to prevent the sole from slipping on wet surfaces but now acts as a sophisticated detail, giving the shoe a whole new attitude.

Artist Richelieu is made through blake construction, a shoe-making technique for immediate suppleness and comfort. Blake stitching crosses the entire structure of the shoe and is visible on the inside. The thread is embedded in the outsole, making it less vulnerable to wear and tear. The shoe also has an LV cube embedded in the heel and a leather sole.

Artist Richelieu in Calf Leather comes in three colors: Navy, Grey, and Bleu Gris. Exclusively available at Louis Vuitton stores for approximately $900.

Artist Richelieu in Grey. Artist Richelieu in Bleu Gris.

Images via Louis Vuitton


  • Bengt

    I am seriously in LOVE with the Grey one!
    If I can’t have the shoe, I might as well have the rubber!

  • freshmess

    I love these shoes!!! The one in grey is perfect for spring!

  • Gossip Girl

    wow the shoes are really originals

  • Anonymous

    $900! lol I can get something similar looking for $60!