Louis Vuitton x Kanye West Sneakers Pics

Other sites reports that the following photos shot by Steve Shaw are ad campaigns for the sneaker collaboration between Kanye West for Louis Vuitton. But I think they actually look more like catalogue photos rather than a campaign. We’ll then, lets just wait for confirmation to find out.

Left: Jasper in Black. Right: Don’s in Red.

Left: Don’s Multicolored. Right: Alligator Jacket from Men’s Fall 2009 Collection

UPDATE: Confirmed. These photos is not an ad campaign or any promotional images associated with Louis Vuitton.

Images via Kanye University

  • oskarsobsession

    personally not a fan of kanye, and the fact that his gf is there naked ,, if it was an add id hate louis vuitton which i LOVE, if its a catalogue i guess ill just throw up on it …

    BTW, Hermes Croc Jacket?

    oh, speaking of kanye .. you might want to go to southparkstudios.com and check out the episode of Kanye and Gay Fish

  • Anonymous

    I’m soooo getting the red Don’s

  • Anonymous

    jacket is also from LV!

  • Serene

    puttting amber rose there is a mistake…