Louis Vuitton Zemonogram Bracelet

Accessories are the highlight of Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2009 collection, with each piece giving a bold tribal statement. So if Romeo is for Juliet then the Zemonogram is for your wrist.

The Zemonogram Bracelet along with the Leomonogram are the bangles featured from the fashion show that made it into production. Zemonogram features an attractive streak of Zebra pattern that is achieved by the artistic hands of skilled artisans. The wooden bangle is handcarved and handpainted with lacquer to achieve the final look.

Wear the Zemonogram with the Leomonogram and stack them as high as possible to reach the tribal ethnic nirvana.

Zemonogram Bracelet comes in three colors: Black, Green, and Blue. They’re exclusively available at Louis Vuitton for approximately $340.

Images via Louis Vuitton


  • Cindie

    Bengt, what color is nice?

  • Bengt

    ^ Cindie, I think the Zemonogram in Black is nice. I love the combination of brown wood and black lacquer. It’s tribal with an edge. 😀

    It would sure look good if worn with the Leomonogram in Gold or Yellow… the contrast would be stunning.

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