LVoe Letter #21: Ian LVoes LV!

After seeing Priyanka’s LVoe Letter, Ian from Switzerland sent his own LVoe Letter too. He loves rare and limited bags and it shows in this photo. I could spot the stunning Monogram Miroir Almas in Gold and Silver, the bright Monogram Vernis Fluo Reade MM from Spring/Summer 2003 in collaboration with Robert Wilson, the cute Monogram Cherry Blossom Papillon also from Spring 2003 in collaboration with Takashi Murakami, the crazy Monogram Pulp Weekender from Spring/Summer 2008 in collaboration with Richard Prince (my favorite collection ever), Monogram Bequia Porte-Document Vertical, Monogram Graffiti Keepall in Fuchsia, other bits and pieces and the most interesting piece from Ian’s collection: the Monogram Neverfull with his name on printed on it.

Thanks so much Ian for sharing your rare Louis Vuitton collection. Much love!

So if you want yourself, your Louis Vuitton bags, accessories or even your whole collection to be featured here in I LVOE LV, just follow these simple instructions.

Image via Ian S. for I LVOE LV