LVoe Letter #22: Eve LVoes LV!

Everytime I look at this photo, I feel like its taken from a store and not from a bedroom. Its a stunning blazé of Stephen Sprouse Graffiti pieces in Green and Fuchsia c/o Eve, a good friend of I LVOE LV. She’s got almost every piece from the collection, it’s just gives me the wowza!

As we can see, there’s the Graffiti Speedy and Graffiti Neverfull in Fuchsia and Green, Graffiti Keepall in Fuchsia, Graffiti Zippy Wallets. So it must be safe to say that Eve is smitten over Graffiti, but not in Orange though. :p

Thanks so much to Eve for sharing her Graffiti collection. I can’t wait to see your next purchases. 😀

So if you want yourself, your Louis Vuitton bags, accessories or even your whole collection to be featured here in I LVOE LV, just follow these simple instructions.

Image via Eve D. for I LVOE LV


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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    FAKE!!! LV bags never have their handles wrapped in plastic.

  • Anonymous

    wow!all these while i thought handles covered with plastic are not authentic(due to many immitation LV have plastic covering the handles)

    even there are information on how to spot fake LV and one of it is ‘handles covering with plastic’

    as you said,LV wraps the handle while in storage,does this apply to all LV handbags?

    cause all handbags that i purchased from LV store doesn’t have plastic covered the handles..they just put the bag into a dustbag and into a box with a leather strap, plus, a paperbag with an official LV receipt..that’s all..

    anyway,those graffiti are awesome, especially the neverfull..:)



  • LVMode

    Anonymous: Having LV handles wrapped in plastic does NOT mean that the bag is fake.

    Bengt: Can you please post some of my photos with the handles still wrapped in plastic.

    Eve: I love your whole Graffiti collection, it is TDF, congratulations.

  • babycougar80

    lvmode thank you for the nice comments i would LOVE to see your collection ive heard its AMAZING!!! its so annoying when people make comments like this…thank god for the people that actually know that its possible to get bags with plastic on the handles…ive gotten into so many fights with people that claim my bags are fake simply by the plastic…its just sooooo annoying and frustrating ;~/


  • Anonymous

    just ignore those ignorant people…maybe they’re just jealous hahaha

  • Anonymous

    Its so funny for those naive people who comment that doesnt know exactly what they’re saying.I got one graffiti with plastic too.BUT ITS REAL!