First look SLDG

First Look: New Monogram Multicolore Wallets & SLG’s

This Spring 2009, pieces from the Monogram Multicolore Wallets & Small Leather goods line such as the Key Holder, Sarah Wallet, Eugenie Wallet, and the new Insolite Wallet will be having spring colored leather linings that would surely add a new character to the already adorable pieces.

The Multicolore in White will be having five colors: Fig (Dark Red), Citron (Yellow), Raisin (Light Blue), Anie (Turquoise), and Litchi (Light Pink). While the Multicolore in Black will come in two colors Pistachio (Light Green), and Grenade (Fuchsia). The new wallets and SLGs will be available starting the 1st of May on Louis Vuitton stores worldwide.

Monogram Multicolore 4 Key Holder in White w/ Light Pink lining.

Monogram Multicolore Eugenie Wallet in White w/ Light Pink lining and Black w/ Deep Red lining.

Monogram Multicolore Insolite Wallets

Monogram Multicolore Sarah Wallet

The new Monogram Multicolore Wallets and Small Leather Goods will be released on May 2009.

Images via Louis Vuitton


  • Anonymous

    any more photos???

  • Anonymous

    I am so in LVOE with these Mua Mua Mua

  • Bengt

    ^ Anonymous, I got no other photos but I will be posting them soon once I get them. 😀

  • bernadette

    OMG so pretty!

  • Anonymous

    Gosh! The pink is so cute! Kawai!!!!

  • Oddie

    Thank you for posting these! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

  • Anonymous

    which color is the best among all? when will this be launched?

  • Anonymous

    i mean, which color combination looks the best for the insolites?

  • Bengt

    ^ The think the White/Pink looks really cute.. And the White/Light Blue too..

  • Anonymous

    how about the white and red? or is it the black and red looks nicer? i love the pink one, but my concern for the white and pink is that the pink easily gets dirty.

  • Anonymous

    What is SLG stands for?

  • Anonymous

    Is this going to be limited to certain number only? or only for limited period? thanks

  • Bengt

    @ Anonymous: SLG stands for Small Leather Goods. 😀

    @ Anonymous: All items will be limited in production with the Insolite in exception. Once the items have been released, the stores will not receive any replenishments.

  • Anonymous

    How much will they cost??

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