Superflat First Love

6 years after she was swallowed up by a Panda Géant who appeared in Omotesando, and was taken into Louis Vuitton’s Multicolore Monogram world, Aya is now a middle school student. She has recently started working as a priestess in a Shinto shrine.

Ever since that fateful day 6 years ago, Aya has walked by the Louis Vuitton boutique in Omotesando numerous times, searching for the gates that would once again take her into a world of fantasy. But she hasn’t seen Panda Géant since. She can’t find the picture she took with her mobile phone, and often, she tells herself that it may have all been a dream…

She forgets everything that happened, but one day, as she walks past the Louis Vuitton store in Omotesando Avenue, she sees a small and cute creature, just like the one she had seen on that fateful day.

As the Petit Panda shyly glances her way, she can’t help but to take it in her arms, and once again, Aya is swallowed by the panda.

She recognizes the world she is taken to. It’s the Multicolore Monogram world she went to 6 years ago, and just as she is telling herself that it wasn’t just a dream after all, Wham! The Panda Géant from 6 years ago walks right into her… And all the Flower Hatmen are there too!

But this world seems even stranger than the one she saw 6 years ago! That’s right! This world evolves day by day, building wormholes to other worlds, and even managing to build one in the valleys that divide time itself.

And… for some reason… they are in Paris…

1897, the Louis Vuitton workshop. Gaston-Louis Vuitton, 14 years-old, is the third to take over the family business. The monogram print designed by his forebearers was a huge success, and he is busy learning the ropes to uphold his father’s wishes.

And then, boom! Aya suddenly springs out of the trunk that the two pandas made.

“Who are you?” “How about you…” Aya is 14. So is Gaston. Right before her eyes, Aya sees a cute Parisian boy. Gaston’s cheeks redden. He has fallen head over heels in love with Aya!

What will happen to their young love???

Discover the characters!

Gaston Louis Vuitton
14 year-old Gaston is the third in his family to take over the family business and is working in the Louis Vuitton workshops in 1897. The monogram print designed by his forebearers enjoyed a huge success. He is busy learning how luggage is made to perpetuate his father’s wishes.

Aya, who was swallowed by the Panda Géant when he appeared in Omotesando 6 years ago and was taken into the world of Multicolore Monogram, is now a middle school student. This time, she has travelled throught time to 19th century Paris! Aya has recently started working as a priestess in a Shinto shrine to help a relative out.

Panda Géant
A carefree and colorful panda who suddenly appeared in Omotesando 6 years ago, swallowed Aya who was in primary school at that time, and lured her into a world of Multicolore Monogram.

Petit Panda
This little new Panda is Panda Géant’s child. A very curious panda who decided to go to Omotesando to meet Aya after hearing her father’s stories, it is brimming with energy.

Onion King
The one hundred million year-old King who rules the Onion Heads. He is Mister Big Bang: he can freely control time and space and trigger joyful events around the world.

Onion Head
The creators of Flower Hatmen and the world of Multicolore Monogram, they paint the world with rainbow colors.

Flower Hatman
Fairies who, just like oxygen, are at the source of the Multicolore Monogram world that is born out of the Onion Heads. Also act as translators when travelers from the Other world meet inhabitants from the world of Multicolore.

Video and Images via Louis Vuitton


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    SO CUTE!