Gossip Girl: Chasing Dorota

Gossip Girl’s lovable character, Waldorf Housekeeper Dorota has her own mini-episodes and I really want to watch it. But from what I’ve read online, the mini-episodes are available only to Verizon V-Cast subscribers so I haven’t bothered about it. But then when I dropped by Gossip Girl’s website, there they were, Episodes 1 to 6! I’ve watched the episodes and its so good, really funny. I’m in the 6th episode and it looks like Dorota’s packing in style.

If you haven’t seen the earlier episodes of Chasing Dorota, you could check out this YouTube channel and prepare for the LOLs.


  • anya

    OMG Chasing Dorota is soooo funny! LOL..
    Who would have ever thought that Dorota is a Polish Countess?! Hahahaha..

  • Bengt

    I know, right? haha..
    I love the part where they were having martinis and facial.. so funny..