Lady Gaga’s Dancers in Graffiti

Lucky back-up dancers! They wear Graffiti Leggings while performing with Lady Gaga for the Grammy Celebration Concert Tour at The House of Blues Boston on May 4th. I just love Gaga!

Image via WENN


  • LVMode

    I know a guy (Geoff) that would rock these…I think I should lend him a pair of mine in the hot pink.

  • A.

    Give, give! Love them

  • Geoff.

    hahaha! i wish i could.. if only i had a pair!! :'(
    I <3 LVMODE

  • Anonymous

    The guy on the right. I want to know more about him. Help

  • padfoot2222ani

    I Know! I want to know what his name is…. grr

  • Anonymous

    The guy on pink is quest he is from Houston former mr gay texas usofa