Louis Vuitton Australia Mail Order Service

Louis Vuitton Australia introduces a convenient Mail Order Service.

This service similar to USA’s 866-VUITTON is ideal for busy customers who wish to purchase from any of the Louis Vuitton collections available in store, simply by placing an order via telephone. Louis Vuitton Australia’s Mail Order Service is also convenient for loyal customers who are not easily able to access a Louis Vuitton store location. Louis Vuitton offers to deliver your desired items directly to your doorstep.

To be able to avail this service, follow this step by step procedure in placing an order.

• Select your favorite product from the Louis Vuitton website and contact Louis Vuitton Australia’s Customer Service Cengter at 1300 883 880. A Louis Vuitton customer service representative will take your order by telephone.

• Your order will be packaged and safely delivered by Louis Vuitton’s courier service.

• You will receive your ordered item to the designated address in a secure and timely manner.

To make an order today, please dial 1300 883 880

Frequently Asked Questions:

Need advice? Information? Placing an order by phone?

Louis Vuitton Australia’s representatives are at your disposal. Simply dial 1300 883 880 to reach a representative Monday through Sunday 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Louis Vuitton Australia representatives will answer any product or company enquiries you have.

How to order or make payment

Once you have chosen your product, phone Louis Vuitton Australia’s customer center service center on 1300 883 880. You will be asked to provide a series of detail including your payment details.

Payment can only be made by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners Club. Only card issued in Australia will be accepted for payment. Your bank will be approached for authorization.

What are the delivery times and cost?

Delivery will be handled by DHL Australia and relevant 3rd parties for regional destinations.

Delivery charge depends on the order value. All orders are charged AU$20 while same day delivery costs AU$40 (only available in Sydney). Order value is before any shipping charge or sales tax. Estimated time of arrival (ETA) can vary from next business day delivery to 5 business days. Please ask for an estimation of ETA when making your order.

Delivery times are NOT GUARANTEED, not withstanding additional charges, but Louis Vuitton’s best approximation will vary with specific requests such as hot stamping an item. Louis Vuitton Australia only ships to a valid address in Australia.

Shipments and deliveries can occur only on weedays. Signature required: Due to the high value of the products there will be a signature requred on all shipments.

Orders will not be shipped to Post Office Boxes. All orders will have to have non P.O. Box, Australian address.

Please be advised that your order will not be processed on Saturday or Sunday. Cut off time for order processing will be 3pm EST. Any order received after 3pm will be processed on the following business day.

What is the return policy for mail orders?

Items purchased from Louis Vuitton can not be refunded.
Louis Vuitton products may be exchanged with one (1) month of the original purchase date when accompanied by original sales invoice. You may be issued a credit note for your purchase, valid for one (1) year from the date issue. Hot stamped items are not exchangeable. All items must be in perfect saleable condition.

To exchange a Louis Vuitton product, please follow the instructions below:

– Please contact Louis Vuitton Australia’s customer service center on 1300 883 880 and notify the representative that you wish to make an exchange or return for a credit note.
-The item should be returned in its original packaging and condition.
– Original receipt for the purchse must be included for an exchange or return for a credit note.
– Please return the product to:

Louis Vuitton Australia – Mail Order Department
Level 3, 63 Castlereagh Street
Sydney, NSW, 2000

Shipping method should be determined by the customer and will be at their own cost.

You may also exchange your product at a local Louis Vuitton store. Please visit www.louisvuitton.com to locate a store in your city. Louis Vuitton will do its best to process your exchange or issue of credit note as quickly as possible, within 10 – 14 days of your request.

Happy shopping!

Image via Louis Vuitton


  • stephanie-sarah

    does this mean it will be like eluxury and have no tax added on when i buy via phone?

  • Anonymous

    tax inclusive.

  • Anonymous

    wouldnt it be more expensive to buy from eluxury with the import tax from the US as well as retail tax?
    while purchase it over the phone in australia is just retail tax

  • Anonymous

    ^ eLuxury no longer sells Louis Vuitton

  • Anonymous

    delivery charges are wrong..
    they charge $20 for every delivery

  • Anonymous

    Do you think Kiwis may be able to use this service????

  • Christine

    Placed an order today — will see how it works.

  • Anonymous

    so.. are you in NZ??

  • Bengt

    ^ Who?

  • Bling*Queen

    Sorry I didn’t make myself clear. I am in Western Australia and I placed an order on Friday morning…my package arrived via DHL Monday morning! I am so so happy!

  • Anonymous

    Can New Zealanders use this?

  • Anonymous

    Do you only deliver in Australia, or do you deliver worldwide?

  • Bengt

    @ Anonymous: I think its only available in Australia.

    @ Anonymous: I LVOE LV does not delivery anything, but Louis Vuitton in Australia does. The service is only available in Australia.

  • Anonymous

    are these genuine or class A?

  • Anonymous

    Where can you see whats available adn how much?

  • Anonymous

    genuine u nit wit

  • Anonymous

    Placed an order yesterday and got it today…sweet!!

  • Anonymous

    How much does the speedy 30 monogram in Australia?

  • Anonymous

    de speedy 30 is 800 dollars. If not 850. U should just call them and ask. They are super friendly.

  • Anonymous

    if u call LV, i personally call de one in brisbane city all de time. They are always trying to promote their delivery service. But who can deny shopping in de store itself feels much better than ordering it over de phone. U can see feel and look at which colour suits u better.
    I got a new neverfull gm azur school bag… Hooray for me… Lol

  • Anonymous

    How can you state that "Items purchased from Louis Vuitton can not be refunded." when this is counter to our statutory rights as consumers? You do realise that making this statement is against the law?

  • Anonymous

    Poster above is perfectly correct: consumers are entitled to a refund in certain circumstances as outline in the Trade Practices Act. It is an offence for a seller to 'mislead' consumers about their statutory rights. IMO the statements, such as 'no refunds' etc, on this website breach the Trade Practices Act.

    From ACCC website:

    "Misleading consumers about their rights
    Statutory rights are consumers’ rights which are
    implied in all consumer contracts by the Act.
    They cannot be changed, limited or refused by
    a seller.
    It is against the law for a seller to do anything that leads consumers to believe their rights are limited,or do not apply – for example, by claiming that no refunds will be given under any circumstances.
    Any misleading claims a business makes about a
    consumer’s statutory rights are invalid and do not affect a consumer’s right to obtain a remedy for a breach of a statutory condition or warranty.
    Store return policies and ‘no refund’ signs
    Some sellers have a policy on refunds and returns
    and may choose to display signs so consumers
    are aware of these before buying.
    Businesses do not have to use signs but if they do they must not mislead consumers.
    For example, signs that state ‘no refunds’ or ‘no
    refund on sale items’, could lead consumers
    to believe they have no right to a refund under
    any circumstances, which is untrue because if
    a statutory condition has been breached, the
    consumer may be entitled to a refund.
    Policies that set a time limit, such as ‘no refunds after 30 days’, can be misleading because
    statutory rights have no time limits, other than
    what is ‘reasonable’. Similarly, insisting consumers return goods unopened, or in their original packaging may be misleading (as these are not required to claim a remedy under statutory rights)."

    I have lodged a complaint with ACCC today.

  • Anonymous

    I have heard that LV stores also try to run the misleading and unlawful 'no refund in any circumstances' line. Beware.

  • Mark

    I tried the Mail Order service of LOUIS VUITTON PHILIPPINES. I surprised my gf during her birthday by having LV deliver my gift to her. 🙂 She loved it! For those who want to surprise their loved ones as well, the number for Philippines is 7560637.